sic friatur crustum dulce. 
Friday, April 14, 2006

don't you just wish you can turn back the time and correct your mistakes?

but i've learned to accept the past. i was bombarded with a lot of things i shouldn't know about and it made me cry so much (and loud too) i got tired of it and just shrugged it off. in just 5 minutes i was okay again and i didn't make a big fuss about it. the thought of it is still there obviously and it's not gonna go away and yes it's hard to forget, very hard but with the help of certain people, i gained back my sanity.

i've learned faithfulness when it's least needed. i've learned trust after i ate my own dust. if i learned all these before, we wouldn't have an end.

but i guess that's how it's meant to be.

there. so you can sing this song over and over again =]

no more sleepless nights
no more sad goodbyes
no more stupid fights
no more crazy lies
how you made me cry
should've said goodbye to you
no more pointless calls
no more playing games
no more feeling small
no more blame
how you made me cry
should've said goodbye to you
now i will be free
from a face i can no longer see
i guess love has no guarentee
it was never, never meant to be
how you made me cry
should've said goodbye to you

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